Efforts to prevent counterfeiting

In order to cope with the damage of counterfeit products that has been increasing in recent years,
We use anti-counterfeit labels that apply patented special hologram technology.
Please check when purchasing our products.

Anti-counterfeit label adopting patented technology
Patened forgery precention label

In the case of KOMINE genuine products, if you take this anti-counterfeit label with a cell phone camera,
The word “OK” appears on the display.

For jacet

For jacet

For Made in Japan & S-51 Leather suit

For Made in Japan
& S-51 Leather suit

For gloves

For gloves

For jeans

For jeans


Please be careful about malicious copy products!

KOMINE copy products have been confirmed on Internet auction sites.
From time to time, we also confirm purchase of suspicious products and confirm that copy products are in circulation.
As copy products diversify year by year, the situation is becoming increasingly serious.

Items whose shipping source is [Overseas] are 100% copy products .

In the domestic distribution form of Komine, there is no direct shipping from overseas without going through our company.
Komine cannot accept any repairs or guarantees for copy products.
We accept information on copy products from time to time.
If you suspect a copy product, please let us know.


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