Reliable “visible”

Highly reflective printed pattern fabric
HR color model appeared

KOMINE has been developing models that use special high-reflective printed pattern fabric since fall / winter 2018.
In combination with KOMINE's unique high safety protector unit,
Relative safety is also enhanced by providing even higher night visibility.

Another approach to reduce motorcycle fatalities

Another approach to reduce motorcycle fatalities

Increase visibility

There is another approach different from protectors to reduce motorcycle fatalities.
The key is visibility.
Two-wheeled vehicles are smaller in size than four-wheeled vehicles, and it is clear that there are many accidents due to delayed discovery and misidentification of distance and speed.

The number of deaths by type of motorcycle fatal accidents by accident type, excluding single falls, is large in encounter accidents and right / right turn accidents, and a causal relationship with the visibility of motorcycles has been recognized.
Another answer to reduce motorcycle deaths,
That is to improve visibility.