Fitting car haunting & exhibition information!

We respond to the "want to see, want to know, and want to find out" of Komine products!

Komine is newly added to meet the needs of many riders, such as "I want to see the real thing", "I want to know how to wear it", and "I want to find out the difference in size". From 2022, we will hold a riding gear fitting experience session with the introduced fitting car. In addition to exhibiting at motorcycle events in various places, we are planning to hold our own events by renting a part of the facility such as drive-in and roadside station.

* Event exhibition may be canceled due to bad weather or changes in social conditions such as the new coronavirus. If it is canceled in advance, we will report it on this site, but if it is decided on the day, we will notify you of the cancellation.Our official Twitter account (@ KOMINE1947)We will do it at.

■ Scheduled for 2022 ■

NEW November 3 (Thursday/Holiday/10:00-14:00)
2nd Komine Item Fitting (Organizer Komine)

Roadside Station Fukushima (1-1 Tsukizaki, Ozaso, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture)
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Exhibition contents Fall/Winter 2022 product display In the event of rain, the event will be held in light rain. Canceled if a storm is expected. Please bear the transportation expenses to the site by yourself

NEW October 22 (Saturday, 9:00-15:00)
YAMAHA Motorcycle Day 2022 Fujiten Resort

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■Exhibition of riding items including the latest autumn/winter wear and outlets

★For event organizers, we are looking for event information that can be exhibited★
If you have any event information for exhibiting booths, please feel free to contact us using the details below. The size when the fitting car is deployed is about 7500mm in total length and about 6000mm in total width. Thank you very much.

Inquiries: Sales Department, Norose ( )