KOMINE lab started

Starting up KOMINE Laboratory

-For more effective product development-

Based on 72 years of experience, KOMINE will scientifically study various events related to motorcycles and start KOMINE Lab to promote product development.
For example, the use of reflective materials in motorcycle wear has long been effective in improving visibility.
Among them, the analysis of death accident classification statistics and occurrence time statistics by motorcycles revealed that visibility on the front side was more important than visibility on the back side. Being easy to see from the oncoming vehicle for riders is an important factor for improving safety.
Based on this research, innovative materials such as HR fabrics were born.

In our tests, it was confirmed that KOMINE JK-579 has a thermal insulation performance about 1.8 times that of a typical down jacket . This is because general downjackets are not designed for use in strong winds. On the other hand, KOMINE's winter jacket is basically made of a waterproof / windproof structure, so it maintains heat retention even at high winds.

SK-807 proved to be 16.9% higher than without chest SK-689 7.9% higher heat retention than without chest

From this season, the warmth of the winter jacket has been derived using an original test method, and an objective evaluation of the warmth has begun.
This unique method for evaluating thermal insulation makes it possible to objectively evaluate the thermal insulation of individual jacket , which has been vague until now.
In addition, this evaluation test confirmed that the chest protector has improved heat retention.
The jacket with a chest protector as standard equipment has high thermal insulation performance.
Furthermore, it was found that the jacket using SK-807 with CE level 2 certification was the highest in terms of heat retention, and the heat retention performance was also related to the protection performance of the chest protector made by KOMINE.
It can be assumed that wearing a chest protector not only reduces the risk of injury due to motorcycle accidents, but also increases the heat retention effect, preventing concentration reduction when riding and indirectly preventing motorcycle accidents.
Including the above case, KOMINE will continue to establish effectiveness through data analysis, hypothesis proposals, and demonstration experiments.