Finely adjustable “dial”.
Stainless steel wire “lace”.
And a fitting system composed of “guides” with low wear. Characterized by excellent fit and easy to put on and take off.

Waterproof to keep clothes and body from getting wet. Windproof to avoid lowering the temperature of the body due to wind.
And the highest peak of moisture-permeable waterproof material with moisture permeability that allows sweat to escape as water vapor.

High-performance heat insulation material that is lightweight and has excellent heat insulation ability by US Invista.
The company also handles "Cool Max®", and develops high-performance materials for both heat insulation and quick drying.

A sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material made by Invista, Inc., a material that reduces body surface temperature.
The company also handles "Thermolite®", and develops high-performance substrates for both heat insulation and quick drying.

It is said to be 7 times as strong as nylon, with excellent durability.
On the other hand, weighs about half as much as leather, and it is a textile material suitable for motorcycle suits that wants both comfort and durability.

Komine's original waterproof material that balances practical moisture-permeable waterproof performance and product price.
Rainwear material that has a history of over 20 years since its appearance and is loved by many riders for its stable performance.

3M "™ high performance batting material that is thin, light, warm and excellent in heat insulation.
Developed as a material for comfort in the cold season, it is used in sportswear, casual wear, and bedding.

Lycra® fiber is an elastic material born in the United States in the 1950s.
As motorcycle wear, it is mainly used for joint parts of gloves.

Artificial leather developed by Kuraray in 1964.
Because of its excellent wear resistance, riding gears are often used on the palm of gloves, contributing to improved safety of gloves.

A vibration reducing material mainly used as a glove material for the purpose of reducing vibration transmitted from the steering wheel.
Absorbs vibrations and shocks with a gel-like pad.

A high-performance moisture-permeable, waterproof film for gloves developed by Korea's Kolon Industries.
A material often used for winter gloves due to its excellent windproof performance.

Displayed on items that are mainly made of genuine leather.

Lightweight and strong material made by weaving carbon fiber made by carbonizing acrylic fiber at high temperature and soaking with resin.
In Komine, it is mainly used as a knuckle guard for gloves.

The representative organization of Japan that joins the International Federation of Motorcycle Cyclism (FIM) is the Japan Motorcycle Sports Association (MFJ).
Products that meet the standards set by the MFJ are certified by the MFJ.