KOMINE is officially commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Department as a protector promotion team

Komine Co., Ltd. has been recognized for its activities to spread highly safe protectors,
On September 6, 2013, the Metropolitan Police Department was officially commissioned as the “Protector Promotion Team”.
In order to improve the safety of all riders,
Together with the Metropolitan Police Department, we will do our best to deliver better quality protectors to many riders.

Protector spread promotion corps

Why is a chest protector important?

Because it is the second place in the damaged part of the motorcycle death accident.
And because it is a place where organs that are very important to humans are concentrated.

To reduce motorcycle fatalities

・ Be sure to wear a chest protector

・ Wear a proper standard helmet and tighten the chin strap

(36.8% of deaths on motorcycles that occurred during 2015 had helmets dropped at the time of the accident)