From car body making to goods making


Shinsuke Komine founded Komine Shokai in Taito-ku, Tokyo as a supplier of bicycle parts and tire tubes to the government office.


Motorization in Japan is activated by liberalization of gasoline prices. Following this change, Komine Shokai became the sole sales agent for the F-type bicycle auxiliary engine kit manufactured and sold by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Dissolved agency contract with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Reorganized as Komine Bike Industry Co., Ltd. and started selling the “Giant” equipped with a proprietary engine that produced the highest performance by engine displacement at that time. Many of these engines were supplied to domestic motorcycle manufacturers, said to have been close to 50 at the time.


The company name was changed to Komine Motor Co., Ltd. as many motorcycle manufacturers were closed or integrated. Changed the business from making motorcycles to making motorcycle equipment.


The company name was changed to Komine Auto Center Co., Ltd., and in addition to manufacturing motorcycle equipment, operation of dealers was started. In addition, it becomes a Japanese agency for motorcycle brands that are popular overseas.


Japanese manufacturer's first "Snell 68" passed


Wearing helmets on highways in Japan is a duty (no penalty).


Established a dedicated helmet factory in Saitama Prefecture. The Comine helmet born there passed the US Snell Foundation standard “Snell 68” for the first time as a Japanese manufacturer. This helmet is exported and won high acclaim in the US, UK and Australia.


Established a special leather factory in Tokyo for the production of racing suits, gloves and riding jacket . Began production of wear and gloves that are resistant to friction in the event of an accident.


Under the influence of the first oil shock (1973), interest in motorcycles with good fuel consumption increases. On the other hand, famous cars such as CB and Z have appeared, and Japan will face the “First Bike Boom”.


All roads in Japan are obliged to wear motorcycle helmets of 51mm or more.


Expand to 27 stores nationwide by strengthening sales business


In Japan, racer replica models will appear, and the second motorcycle boom will be centered on moped scooters with sufficient performance as a commuter. Among them, “Komine Auto Center” promotes the expansion of the number of stores. With the addition of directly managed stores, chain stores, cooperating stores, and sister stores, it has grown to 27 stores nationwide.


Launched “KOMINE-Q”, a catalog magazine aimed at introducing Komine's original products and sales outlets.


Komine's full-face helmet “KF-RX”, the world's first helmet that uses Kevlar and carbon composite, passed the US Snell Foundation standard “Snell 85”.


Change from sales to wholesale. Pioneering “Summer is Mesh”


Announced “Summer Mesh Blouson” (current mesh jacket ) that offers both breathability and safety as a summer riding jacket . In addition to making the summer driving comfortable, it attracted attention by providing shoulder, elbow and spine protectors as standard equipment.


Lineup of jacket equipped with European CE standard protectors


Closed the Higashimatsuyama store, the last store in the Komine Auto Center.


Numerous approaches seeking to protect riders


Changed company name to Komine Co., Ltd.


Appointed by the Metropolitan Police Department to the Chest Protector Promotion Corps.


Announced premium jacket such as JJ-001 to revive “Made in Japan”.


"3D mesh lining system" obtained patent No. 6456099


First lineup of CE certified gloves (CE standard EN13594: 2015) by a Japanese manufacturer


Head office moved to Machiya, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo


We cooperate with local sales companies in 13 countries around the world, including Japan, and sell Komine products in each country as an authorized dealer.


Since 2005, when overseas sales began in earnest with CE certification, the cumulative sales of jacket have reached 670,000. Globe sells 1.13 million pairs