The CE standard in the protector is classified into three categories (chest / spine / other) according to the protection site,
It is certified through tests based on the European standard (EN standard).
The test measures the force (kN <kilonewton>) transmitted to the body through a protector when a 2.5-cm striker (weight) is dropped from a height of 2 m. It is classified into level 1 and level 2 according to the degree of.



EN 1621-2

Level 2: ≤ 9kN (Average value)
Level 2: ≤ 12kN (Maximum value max)

Level 1: ≤ 18kN (Average value)
Level 1: ≤ 24kN (Maximum value max)

The above numbers represent the passing line of the spine protector CE standard certification test. If the average transmission force of 9 tests is less than 9 kN and the single test result does not exceed 12 kN, the CE of the spine protector Indicates that standard level 2 can be passed.
The smaller the numerical value (kN), the higher the shock absorption capacity of the protector.


EN 1621-3

Level 2: ≤ 20kN (Average value)
Level 2: ≤ 35kN (Maximum value max)

Level 1: ≤ 30kN (Average value)
Level 1: ≦ 45kN (Maximum value max)


Other than chest and spine

EN 1621-1

Level 2: ≦ 20kN

Level 1: ≦ 35kN