Komine WEB shop “ jacket campaign” now being held

The Komine WEB Shop, a direct sales site operated by Komine, offers a jacket purchase campaign that includes one “Komine Premium Hanger” per purchase of one Komine “JK-” category product such as jacket and parkas. doing.

The special hanger is a premium item that has a special atmosphere with a calm wooden atmosphere and a gold-colored Komine logo. It's the perfect hanger to wear your favorite riding jacket , a holiday companion.

This campaign is limited to those who purchased a jacket at the Komine WEB shop, and does not apply to purchases at other online mail order or motorcycle supply stores. In addition, please refer to the "Applicable Products" in the campaign summary for the applicable products.

[Campaign Overview]
● Name / Komine WEB shop " jacket campaign"
● Contents / Each purchase of one jacket / hoodie that is lined up in the Komine “JK” series will present a Komine Premium wooden hanger with a Komine logo (AK-345: 2,000 yen). Spring, summer, fall and winter seasons do not matter.
● Applicable products / linings, including the "JK-078", "JK-051", "JK-024" and "JK-510", Komine "JK" series, Motofango "MJ" series and "JK" series. Premium hanger is a standard benefit of Komine "JJ" series. Komine "LJ-534" and "LJ-535" are excluded. Please note that inner jacket and rainwear outerwear that are marked as " jacket " in the product name are not eligible.
● Period / Ends as soon as the premium hanger runs out.
● Please note / This campaign is only applicable to purchases at Komine website operated by Komine. Purchases at other online mail-order stores, mass retailers, and personal sales are not eligible.

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■■ March 9, 2020: Additional bonus campaign start ■■
Additional benefits have been added following the popularity of the " jacket Campaign".
See the "Protector Campaign" page for details. >>> Click here